Staley’s Bears 1920-1921

????? Clark

Height: ? Weight: ?
Born: ?
Died: ?
High School: ?
College: ?

Mr. Clark is the mystery man of the 1920 Staley team. He appeared in the October 1920 team photo as a lineman listed as “Clark” but never played in any game. He is not listed on the roster on the cover of the August 1956 Staley Journal, but in the October 21, 1956 “Staley Day” Bear’s program he is listed as “Clark” – “could not be located.” He is mentioned in passing in a 1960s Chicago newspaper article as “Charles” Clark, but in a composite photo of the 1920 team in the December 12, 1952 Decatur Daily Review he is listed as “Harry” Clark. In a sports article in the Decatur Herald on November 6, 1919, Taylorville football coach Grover Hoover considered playing a “Harry Clark” at quarterback in the game against the Decatur Staley’s club team.

However, in a draft of a history of the Staley football program written by Staley employee Blanche McDonald in September 1940, she lists this participant as “A. B. Clark.” She notes that Mr. Clark [along with W. G. Cranston] “were local men with a ‘yen’ for training who were given short trials by Staley’s.” Ms. McDonald further reported that Clark received a bonus at the end of the season of $15.00 while Cranston got $10.00 for his efforts.

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